Service and Support

We’re not here to simply “get the job done”. We love what we do and are 100% committed to every project we take on. Our motivation is making your production a complete success at all levels.

We like to handle problems creatively and amicably by offering viable solutions and making useful recommendations. Our crews speak fluent English and can adapt to the needs of different cultures. They are knowledgeable, flexible and responsive to client needs and concerns.

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Production Planning & Budgeting:

In matters of the budget, it is very important for us to establish a transparent relationship. Before we create a budget, we discuss the details of the project with the overseas producers in order to truly understand their needs and concerns.

Transparency keeps us accountable and keeps our clients knowledgeable about where and how their money is being spent.

  • We assist with production planning, budgeting, and scheduling. We’ll read your script and advise on the most time and cost effective ways to shoot in Taiwan (Republic of China).
  • We’ll help you set up your production base, or your office, and provide you with everything necessary for a successful shoot.
  • Our maxim: there’s always a solution

Location Scouting & Permits:

We can help you to find the locations and provide the necessary permits which we know what is needed and how to get it.


We’ll find the English speaking crews and the right people for your project.


We can organize casting sessions, and put you in touch with well-connected actors & actresses, models and extras casting directors.

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Equipment Rentals:

We have excellent relationships with all the main rental houses and can help to fulfill your rental needs at the best conditions.


We help with transport arrangements, and can advise you on the most cost effective deals in Taiwan.


We assist with short or long term accommodation, from hotel rooms to apartment rentals and beyond.

Production Office Rentals:

We help you to find the production office space, from single offices to space for large production crews.

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We provide production and support services during your shoot, and offer line producing and co-production services.

SFX & Consultants:

We’ll find SFX and other specialized consultants for your shoot, as may be needed.

Sound Stages / Studio Rentals:

We liaise with sound stage and studio rentals, and advise you on your best choices.

Mobile Editing:

We can provide mobile editing solutions for your shoot, for editing on location, in your office, or in your hotel- whatever your preference.

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We set up and support post-production, from assembly editing during the shoot to full-scale picture and sound post.

Storage and Shipping:

We can arrange storage, and assist you with all your shipping needs.


We know the best caterers and will make sure your crew won’t have to work on an empty stomach.


We will help to arrange the right coverage, to ensure your project conforms with all insurance requirements.